LifeSaver Rx Card

Never Pay Full-Price For Your Prescriptions Again - Save up to 85%!

The Life Saver Rx Card is a free prescription medication discount card that instantly saves you, your family, or anyone you know, up to 85% on FDA-approved brand-name and generic prescription drugs. Cards are ready to use for immediate savings at any one of more than 63,000 pharmacies nationwide. Print a free Life Saver Rx Card, or request free cards by mail, and get lower, pre-negotiated prices on all your prescriptions filled or refilled at your local pharmacy. To better understand how can bring this money-saving offer to you with absolutely no strings attached, please click here.

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Making Medications More Affordable

The mission of the Life Saver Rx Card is to improve patient access to prescription medications by lowering and/or removing the financial barriers that keep them from filling their prescriptions. In 2010, 48,000,000 Americans, ages 19-64, didn't get a prescription filled for financial reasons - a 66% increase since 2001.

Medication non-adherence is America's "other drug problem", killing 125,000 people each year. In addition to the loss of life, the cost of medication non-adherence, in extra health-care costs each year, is almost $300 billion dollars - a cost that we all share in. 

Why We Can Offer This Card FREE!

PharmacistPharmacies realize that it is better to fill a discounted prescription, than no prescription at all. They honor the Life Saver Rx Card because they bring people into shop in their stores that may not otherwise visit. The pharmacy still makes money, the customer's needs are met, we get paid a small fee each time a consumer saves with our cards - a total WIN-WIN scenario.



Get Rescued from High Prescription Prices

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